Breakfast – the most important meal of the day

From the Headmaster

A favourite aspect of my job is ‘standing on the gate’ before and after school at the Junior and Secondary Schools.

There are common elements across both Schools: the boys are always polite, always say hello, are open to a quick conversation and will make the necessary adjustments to their uniform upon seeing me.

However, a key difference is the consumption of food. I don’t think I can recall a Junior School boy coming to school and eating his breakfast. Yet in the Secondary School (particularly at St Andrew’s End), it is not uncommon for a senior student to come past me munching away.

As you would know a key quadrant of our Effective Learner Model is Learning Dispositions. We want our boys to be disposed to learning or, in other words, to be ready to learn, from the beginning of the school day.

It’s a well-worn adage that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and  from the University of NSW supports this, with specific reference to the role a good breakfast can play in academic achievement.

The Crowther Centre’s  is a good start to help you encourage your son to make positive food choices on his own, with healthy nutrition tips.

Many of our boys have competing time pressures in the mornings such as music rehearsals and sports training which can lead to opting out of breakfast altogether or substituting it for a processed and sugary drink; however, I firmly believe that breakfast holds its place as the most important meal of the day.

Ross Featherston
Headmaster, ֭Ƶ


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