Coaching Conversations

From the Crowther Centre

To support our Secondary School boys in balancing academics, relationships, co-curricular activities and their own wellbeing, we ensure that each boy and his House Tutor are provided with times for one-on-one coaching conversations through the year.

Coaching is an opportunity for students to build their independence and direct their own life. The process of coaching is designed to build self-directedness, as well as improve academic performance and develop resilience.

It is a structured conversation to help the boys reflect, set goals, solve problems and plan next steps.

In the last week of Term 2, students will have 20 minutes to sit down with House Tutors to share their stories and goals. Boys will be asked to reflect on their semester, including academic performance, co-curricular involvement and service to others.

How can you help as a parent?

  • Have conversations to help your son reflect on his semester and the goals he set. For example, ask: ‘What went well at school this semester?’ or ‘What actions did you take that helped you reach these goals?’
  • Model goal setting with your son. Talk about current challenges you are facing and the strategies you are using to overcome them. 

This important work will continue to be guided by our House Tutors; please feel free to contact them should you wish to discuss your son’s progress. 

Katie White
Director of Students


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