For the whole community

The new Annandale gym is now a boutique state-of-the-art facility with expert instructors.

We're open! Welcome to the Annandale gym. We are a community gym, used by students during school hours and open to the public for group sessions at other times. A purpose-built strength and conditioning centre, we're here to help you achieve your health, fitness and wellbeing goals.


Exercise body AND mind in this cutting-edge facility

  • Exciting mix of small-group sessions
  • Personalised training and wellbeing programs
  • Biometric and mindfulness technology
  • Expert, friendly staff whowill tailor sessions to your level
  • Affordable community rates
  • Easy bookings via our website booking system
  • Not for profit (proceeds go towards the provision of expert training for BGS students)

The space

The group sessions

Cycle Fit For extra enjoyment, this session is based on the work-to-rest ratios of some of your favourite cycling events, such as the Tour de France. But you don’t have to be a world-class cyclist – this is suitable for all abilities and ages. Come and ride the route in our world-class spin studio, at your own pace. You’ll improve your cardio strength, build muscle definition and burn calories.

Stronger Fitter Faster HIIT An anaerobic and aerobic conditioning session using similar equipment and exercises as Strength for Life sessions, but in a higher intensity environment. If you’re looking to improve your overall health and fitness, and have a great time while doing it, this session is for you.

Strength for Life This weight-training session is expertly designed for people of all levels of fitness and strength. You will use strength and conditioning techniques to ensure that you are strong for whatever your life demands, whether it be running after young children, surviving long days in the office or excelling in your weekend sport.


The Costs

*For a one-off membership fee, the group training sessions are pay-as-you-go. No lock-in contracts or ongoing costs. Please see the community categories below. All membership sign up fee includes 3 sessions for free ($45 value!)

Membership type

Joining Cost

Per session Cost

Who is eligible

BGS Member (Old Foundation membership)


$15 or 10 for $100

• A parent, guardian, grandparent or sibling (over 18 years) of a current BGS student
• A prospective parent or guardian (must have a paid registration)
• A past parent or guardian
• An Old Boy (over 18 years, or not yet 18 but having completed Year 12)
• A BGS donor or spouse of a donor (over 18 years)
• A BGS staff member (full-time, part-time or casual) or spouse.

OBGS membership


$15 or 10 for $100

• Old Boys (Alumni)

Standard Member
(General community)


$15 or 10 for $100

All members of the general public wishing to join (over 18 years)


Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

6.00am (45min)


6.00am (45min)

6.00am (45min)





Not just personal trainers, the dedicated team at the Annandale Gym are all certified Strength and Conditioning Coaches. What’s the difference? They are university educated exercise-science professionals. What they do is prescribe exercise to improve performance while preventing injury.

  • Louis Fenaroli

    Enter to learn, depart to serve.

    Qualifications and Experience
    Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science
    Level 2 Australian Strength & Conditioning Accredited Coach
    Diploma of Health Science
    Strength & Conditioning Coach (֭Ƶ)
    Fitness Manager (Fitness First)
    Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach (NSW Waratahs Generation Blue)
    Strength & Conditioning Coach (Northern Suburbs Rugby Union Football Club)
    Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach (Sydney Swans Academy)

    What gets me up in the morning?
    Richmond Tigers winning another AFL premiership.

    What I’m in to
    Generally anything sport related and Seinfeld.

    Fun Fact
    The foundations of a healthy lifestyle rest on 4 key pillars; Relaxation, food, movement and sleep. If you can achieve the right balance of these four things daily, you’re on the right track.

  • John Hallam

    I’m dedicated to improving the abilities and performance of my clients, from children learning fundamental movement skills, adults experiencing pain and looking to get started with a structured exercise program through to elite sporting athletes in individual or team sports.

    Qualifications and Experience
    Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science (Deakin University)
    Accredited Exercise Scientist (AES, ESSA)
    Athletic Performance Coach, Bentleigh Greens NPL U18s
    Head of Athlete Development Beaumaris Junior Football Club
    Strength and Conditioning Coach, Eastern Ranges Football Club TAC Cup
    Athletic Performance Coach, Bayside United, Senior Womens NPL Soccer
    High Performance Coordinator, Thornbury High School Football Development Academy (soccer)

    What gets me up in the morning?
    I enjoy tackling the challenges a new day brings. With the wide variety of work I do as an exercise scientist, each day is different from the last, whether that be the clients and athletes I am seeing, the programs I am coaching or finding solutions to any issues that they’re encountering

    What I’m in to
    On the weekends you’ll find me in the mountains or forests riding my mountain bike

    Fun fact
    Those who sleep less than 8 hours per night are at nearly 2 times greater risk of an injury than those who sleep 8 hours or more

  • Ian Miller

    Be patient, establish foundations, build relationships, earn the right, and have fun, success in whatever you want to achieve will follow.

    Qualifications and Experience
    Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science
    Honours of Exercise and Sport Science
    Masters of Strength and Conditioning
    ASCA Level 2 S & C Coach
    Head of Strength and Conditioning at ֭Ƶ
    Strength and Conditioning Coach at ֭Ƶ
    Strength and Conditioning Coach at Victorian Fury (Australian Netball League)
    Performance Coach Absolute Health and Performance
    Strength and Conditioning Coach Derbyshire Institute of Sport (UK)
    Strength and Conditioning Coach University of Derby (UK)
    Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach Game Changer Performance (UK)
    Head of Strength and Conditioning Repton School (UK)
    Strength and Conditioning Coach ESS Performance
    Assistant Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Geelong Grammar School
    Strength and Conditioning Coach Sandringham Football Club (VFL)

    What gets me up in the morning?
    Having the opportunity to help people achieve their dreams in sport or in everyday life

    What I’m in to
    Watching or playing sport, spending time with friends and family, traveling and exploring new places

    Fun Fact
    Children with at least 1 inactive parent are 68% more likely to be inactive (This is a really powerful statistic, let’s ensure we are setting a good example for our children)

  • Dylan Vizzarri

    To create buy-in through educating, building strong relationships and mastering the fundamentals of human movement. This will set a solid foundation to reach one’s full potential.

    Qualifications and experience
    Bachelor of Exercise Science (Sports Practice)
    Level 1 ASCA Strength and Conditioning Coach (Currently completing level 2)
    Certificate IV in Fitness
    Oakleigh Chargers Football Club – Strength and Conditioning Coach
    Head of Athletic Performance – Studio Kinetic
    Western Bulldogs Football Club (AFL) – Strength and Conditioning Cadet

    What gets me up in the morning?
    Having a positive influence on other peoples lives by assisting them reaching their goals and performing at their optimum regardless of their population group or age demographic.

    What I’m into
    Keeping fit and healthy. Spending time with family and friends. Eating good food and drinking quality coffee. Playing and watching footy (AFL). Having fun and not taking life too seriously!

    Fun fact
    Strength facilitates many athletic qualities such as speed, power and resistance to fatigue. It also assists in weight loss, prevents injury/disease and has been shown to improve mood and mental well-being. It should therefore be a staple in EVERYONES program, not just athletes!

    Areas of Expertise
    Movement competency
    Strength and Power Development
    Mobility to enhance joint function and movement mechanics

    Holistic health and fitness
    Friends and family

  • Alistair Wallace

    Qualifications and Experience
    Qualifications and Experience
    Bachelor exercise science (Sports practice ) Vic Uni
    Masters of high-performance sport (Current)
    ASCA L1
    U14 state soccer team 2014
    FC11 S&C coach 2015 + 2016
    Dandenong thunder S&C coach 2018 NPL
    Langwarrin Soccer club High-performance manager 2019
    Owned 2 gyms between 2016 and 2019 working with a wide range of athletes and gen pop.

    What gets me up in the morning?
    I’m a morning person naturally, but the first thing I think about is normally coffee

    What I’m in to
    Football (soccer) I’m a massive fan, I work for a team and also love to play when I get a chance

    Fun Fact
    I hold the record for 10cal on the assault bike at the gyms I used to own

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