With your help we are transforming the way to teach boys

School fees alone do not provide the capital needed to shape the future of BGS.

The gift you make today will enable the School to support scholarships, build funds to invest in School facilities and support programs that would otherwise not be available. For 140 years, BGS has advanced through the generosity of our benefactors. Our promise to you is that not one cent of your gift will go into the general operational accounts of the School. All gifts are protected in separate accounts that are managed by the School‘s Foundation and carefully allocated to vital projects or to the area of interest nominated by the donor.

Beyond Tomorrow Building Boundless Futures

Our Centre for Science Creativity and Entrepreneurship

On Tuesday, 14 May we will hold our Annual Giving Day. This year we’re coming together to raise $300,000 in support of our Beyond Tomorrow campaign, which so far has raised $8.8M for the project.With your support on our Giving Day, we’ll close the gap even further, bringing us closer to our overall fundraising goal of $10M.

How to give

Every gift is important to us.

The size of your gift is less important than your act of supporting BGS. Giving is a personal decision and all gift amounts remain confidential. You can give in a way that suits you.

Regular giving

By giving each month, you can support the School to the level you choose without it affecting your financial circumstances.

We will keep you informed about how you are helping and at the end of each financial year, you will receive a receipt that summarises your tax-deductible gifts.

Major gifts

Major gifts can take the form of capital, property, shares or other assets.Building on the strong culture of philanthropy at BGS, we have embarked upon our Beyond Tomorrow Capital Campaign.The campaign is raising funds to bring to life our amazing Centre for Science, Creativity and Entrepreneurship which will assist to better prepare our boys for the world beyond tomorrow.

Annual Appeal

Our Annual Giving Appeals continue to bring the BGS community together to impact our scholarship and building programs in the most remarkable ways. The support of our generous community over recent years has meant that many means-tested scholarships have been established which simply would not have eventuated otherwise. Our building program has also been enhanced through our Annual Giving Appeals. The BHIVE kitchen fit-out is one example of what can be achieved when the community gets behind our plans to provide our boys with the best possible facilities.

Beyond Tomorrow Capital campaign

As part of our BGS2032 strategy, we are excited to officially announce the most ambitious building project in our School’s history, the Centre for Science, Creativity and Entrepreneurship.

To learn more please visit the website.

BGS’s corporate partnership program is the largest school-based partnership program in Australia. It enables businesses owned by Old Boys and parents, current and past, to partner with BGS by offering financial or in-kind support to the School. The support of corporate partners makes a significant difference to what we can achieve at BGS. Many of our partners also offer our boys a diverse range of opportunities during the year.

View our current partners.

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A bequest is perhaps the easiest way to make a significant gift to the School without it affecting your current financial circumstances. By including the School in your will, you will have an enduring impact on the next generation of BGS boys.

Making a Gift to BGS from Overseas (Residents of the USA / UK / Hong Kong)

The BGS community is spread across the globe and technology has made it easier than ever to stay in touch with the School. Technology has also made it very easy for members of our generous community to support the school philanthropically. And now, if you currently reside in the USA, Hong Kong or the UK it is possible to receive a tax deduction in these countries when making a gift to BGS!

Your gift, no matter the size, is truly valued. Further, 100% of your gift reaches BGS as we cover any administrative/gift fees.

To find out more about giving from overseas please contact Eden Phillips, Advancement Manager.

Money isn’t the only way

There are many other ways you can support the School. From joining one of our parent groups or committees to assisting with our mentoring program or simply sharing an idea, you can make a difference to the strong sense of community support we enjoy at BGS.

Thanks – you've changed my life!

“The best thing about ֭Ƶ is the close-knit community and the authentic care and generosity everyone has for each other, whether it be amongst the students or interacting with teachers. It’s obvious that I wouldn’t be where I am today without this amazing opportunity and I will forever be in debt to John Gray and the School for creating this scholarship and allowing me to set out to achieve my potential.”

Nathan Murphy (OB 2017), John Gray Scholarship recipient and is a AFL footballer.

You can choose where you want your donation to make a difference.

  • Scholarship fund

    They enable the School to offer a BGS education to boys who would otherwise not have this opportunity. For more information on BGS scholarships, click below.

    “My time at BGS has had a lasting impact on my life. Naturally, I wanted my son to have the same opportunities as I had – opportunities that would never have been available to me without my scholarship.”

    David Morgan (OB 1987), Plastic surgeon


  • Building fund

    BGS wellbeing centre in Australian Design review

    The Annandale pavilion, Wellbeing Centre, the Sports Precinct and the Urwin Centre are just some examples of recently developed facilities now enjoyed by our boys – and brought to life through giving.

    With your help, we can preserve our existing historic buildings and invest in new projects to ensure that our facilities meet the needs of students into the 21st century.

    The Centre for Science Creativity and Entrepreneurship
    Within these new walls we will couple the expertise of our staff with a Design Thinking approach to teaching and learning, to better equip our boys with the knowledge, the tools and the adaptability to negotiate the future and seize its opportunities.

    The Annandale pavilion
    Our new home of sports is an outstanding facility and one that came to life with the generous support of our community.

    BGS Wellbeing Centre
    This $900,000 project, supporting our strategic priority of enhancing the wellbeing of boys, staff, parents and the local community, was fully funded through the generosity of donors.


  • Library Fund

    ֭Ƶ Chantology assembly 2015

    Gifts to our Library Fund benefit students from ELC to Year 12 and are increasingly important as our library changes from print-based to digital.


  • Bursary Fund

    Our Bursary Fund is designed to support current students who, due to their families’ significant change in financial circumstances, may not be able to continue their education at BGS.

    The Fund was established by Canon Wilson in 1942 and was significantly augmented by ‘Sarge’ Brown who endowed a scholarship in 1960 in memory of his wife for the purpose of enabling boys to remain at BSG despite their families’ financial difficulties.  In recent years the Bursary Fund has received a number of gifts including $200,000 from the estate of former staff member Keith Ferguson.

    Our long term goal is to ensure the capital of the Bursary Fund remains intact, using only the interest to support families in need.

    Although gifts into our Bursary Fund are not tax deductible, your support, no matter the size, is truly valued.


  • Endowed Prize

    Each year, many members of our School community encourage excellence by endowing a prize.Donors endow prizes for many reasons: to celebrate achievement and inspire students; to acknowledge their son’s or grandson’s experiences at BGS; because they are passionate about an area of study; or simply to give back to the School.

    Many options exist but a gift of $5000, for example, will endow a prize in perpetuity with the option to name the prize. Please note that prize endowment gifts are not tax-deductible.

    You can also contribute directly to our Endowment Fund.

Margaret and Roger Wilson OAM (OB1961) in front of Annandale Donor Honour Wall

We are extremely grateful to those who choose to make a gift to BGS and we recognise these people in many ways:

  • Annual Donor List published in the Meliora Sequamur
  • Invitation to attend the Annual Benefactor Service and morning tea
  • Inclusion on donor honour boards
  • Named rooms, facilities, prizes, scholarships
  • Membership in the Chairman’s Circle, established to thank and recognise those donors who have given $50,000 or more to the School.
  • Membership of the Sequamur Society, established to honour those who have confirmed their intention to leave a gift to the School in their will.

The ֭Ƶ Foundation oversees the School’s fundraising direction and manages investments in support of the School.

The Foundation has four funds, reflecting its main areas of interest: the Building Fund, the Scholarship Fund, the Library Fund and the Endowment Fund.

The Foundation is overseen by:

  • Peter Ickeringill, Chairman of Council
  • Jane Tongs, Council member
  • Matt Reid, Council member
  • Mary Power, BGS parent


If you have any queries about giving to BGS or would like further information about supporting the School, don’t hesitate to contact one of the following staff:

John Phillips
Director of Advancement
+61 3 8591 2280 or phillipsj@brightongrammar.vic.edu.au

Eden Phillips
Advancement Manager
+61 3 8591 2231 or ephillips@brightongrammar.vic.edu.au

Kate Speirs
Alumni & Community Manager 
+61 3 8591 2272 or obgs@brightongrammar.vic.edu.au

Nickie Warton
Sequamur Society Manager
+61 3 8591 2274 or nwarton@brightongrammar.vic.edu.au

Emily Ianuali
Development Office Manager 
+61 3 8591 2271 or eianuali@brightongrammar.vic.edu.au