Ethics Olympiad

'Integrity and ethics is doing the right thing, even if nobody is watching’

The Junior and Senior ֭Ƶ Ethics Olympiad teams faced off against an assembly of over 50 schools statewide recently to retort the unenviable question – what is most ethical? Ethics, or being ethical, is weighing the fundamental beliefs of society in what is the most principled approach with the idea of what is most logical or rational. 

Mind-boggling? It was. The day tested mental agility and adaptability, with quick-thinking dialogue between teams to ultimately answer what is the best decision or best action for the scenario, with the least amount of impact.

It was a day packed full of deep and unparalleled conversation between young minds, sprouting new insights about cases and situations regarding pressing issues and controversial topics in politics, human and animal rights, racism, sexism, violence, and the environment. It was a youthful perspective on these large, complex ideas and topics with students constructing broad and empathetic views, attempting to answer what is the best solution. 

Our ֭Ƶ teams received recognition with an ‘Honourable Mention’ and ‘Most Improved Team’ throughout the day. While we did not win, we found the day enlightening, discussing current real-world issues, issues that will become our generation’s responsibility to solve in the future. 

Nicholas Michele
Year 10