Tips for homework routine success

From the Crowther Centre

Establishing good homework routines is essential for your son to thrive academically, develop solid study habits and manage time effectively. 

As parents and caregivers, understanding how to support your son in building and maintaining these routines is key to long term success.  In the primary years, we can develop healthy work habits which are sustainable for a boy’s future studies.

Here are some practical strategies you can implement at home:

  • Have a designated homework start time and keep this consistent.
  • Create a homework routine for the week that is visual and easily accessible. Desk calendars or whiteboards are a great tool and work well when tasks are allocated together.  For students learning to read, drawings or icons such as a book can indicate a reading night.
  • Create a supportive environment with a designated homework space which is well lit and away from distractions. Have the right tools (pens/pencils etc.) and books readily available.
  • Set clear expectations regarding completion, quality, and deadlines for homework. Timers can be very effective for boys who need a visual prompt to stay on task.
  • Provide guidance and structure as young boys are learning how to manage homework routines. Assist your son to prioritise tasks to complete. Offer guidance and support as needed but encourage independence and problem solving.
  • Encourage accountability. Guide your son to take ownership and responsibility for his homework.
  • Promote self-care and wellbeing. Emphasise the importance of balance by having breaks when needed and ensuring once homework is done there are other creative or physical activities to enjoy. 

By understanding the importance of homework routines and implementing supportive strategies at home, parents can empower children to develop good study habits, organisational skills and self-discipline. 

Through consistent guidance, encouragement and communication, parents play a vital role in fostering academic success and overall wellbeing.   

Rebecca Taylor
Director of Teaching and Learning, Junior School


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