Innovative Schools 2020 winner

֭Ƶ has been named as one of Australia’s most innovative schools of 2020.

BGS made of 50 schools around the country at the forefront of change and innovation in education.

We were rated as one of the top schools trying new approaches to teaching and learning that are shaping the educational landscape of the future.

Our winning project was the bio-dash program which is one of the Crowther Centre’s wellbeing initiatives for our students. The program was designed in partnership with the University of Melbourne’s Graduate School of Education to help our Year 9 students develop mindfulness and stress-management strategies using a game-based console.

Bio-Dash uses biofeedback to improve student wellbeing performance. Students are taught mindfulness and wellbeing techniques, and biofeedback provides real-time feedback to them.

The aim of the program is to improve the students’ health overall; in the same way that young people accept physical fitness, hence mind fitness becomes a normalised concept.

The award recognises the wonderful work of Crowther Centre staff and all our teachers to help our boys manage life’s challenges as they arise, now and in the future and follows an Innovative Schools Award in 2018.