A school that understands boys

Supporting a sense of belonging in boys is crucial for their emotional and social growth. A nurturing environment allows them to express themselves openly, enhancing their empathy and respect towards others.

While the fundamentals of education are the same for either gender, boys thrive in a culture that understands, accepts and celebrates the masculine without conforming to stereotypes about what it means to 'be a man'.

The BGS learning approach

Our learning approach is grounded in a rich legacy of knowledge combined with the latest research and expertise on the optimal learning methods for boys.

We believe each boy’s educational experience must embrace these four essentials:

Learning      Playing

Creating       Being

These essentials underpin all our programs and support each boy to grow into the very best version of himself.

Why a boys’ school?

Every lesson we teach, every decision we make, every innovation we plan, is centred on what works best for boys.

It doesn’t matter how good you are at something, you can always do a little bit better. Learn about a personal best approach to learning.

Boys and wellbeing

Studies have shown that if boys have a strong sense of wellbeing, they have greater levels of contentment, concentration, productivity, vitality and achieve better academic results.


We asked our boys what makes a ‘successful’ man. This is what they said.

֭Ƶ Boys train for APS Water Polo

BGS facilities

We aim to make BGS a ‘one stop’ shop with a range of add-on services on offer to make life easier and your BGS experience first class.

Map of ֭Ƶ

Location and maps

Getting to BGS is easy. Use this map to find your way around.

Fees and scholarships

There’s more than one way to secure a place at BGS. Find out about our scholarships and bursaries.

֭Ƶ Clock Tower

How to enrol

Enrolling at ֭Ƶ is easy. Start the process today with an online application.

Early Learning Centre

A solid foundation

BGS offers the only boy-specific ELC learning program in Victoria. It’s delivered with a sense of fun, curiosity, caring, celebration, opportunity and love, which supports the boys in our care. This is your son’s first step into education – visit us and you’ll see why he couldn’t get a better start. 

Junior School

Prep to Year 6

Because we know the relationship between a boy and his teachers is core to how he values learning and his ultimate success at school, great effort is invested in the primary years on ensuring these relationships are positive and nurturing.

Secondary School

Years 7 and 8

It took years of research, design and construction to create the perfect environment for our Year 7 and 8 boys to grow, learn and thrive. It’s challenging. It’s different. It’s worth learning more.

Secondary School

Years 9 to 12

Underpinning everything we do in the Senior School is our belief that you don’t know what you can do unless you ‘give it a go’ – and when you do, keep striving to do it better every time. Learning the lessons of effort, persistence and adaptability will ensure these boys thrive, both at school and beyond the gates.

Boys and Sport

For the many boys, sport is an integral part of the journey to manhood because of the emotional and physical investment, its competitive nature, and because it can give boys a sense of being part of something bigger than themselves.

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