Why a boys’ school?

There's something
special about a
school just for boys.

At ֭Ƶ we encourage an environment where students can freely engage and challenge each other, promoting self-awareness and confidence. An environment that allows them to be themselves.

In doing this, we believe they can develop a positive masculine identity and find their individual form of success as men.

Boys need teachers who understand how boys learn

The programs we run, the way we teach and the facilities we build are all about boys.

We understand and celebrate that boys are physical and program specifically for their learning style.

Boys need the opportunity to engage in group dynamics and the ability to provide feedback.

All teachers and staff have a strong sense of connection with the boys and a deliberate focus on cultivating positive relationships throughout their ֭Ƶ journey.

Boys need positive role models

From ELC to Year 12, ֭Ƶ teaching staff are invaluable to our boys’ school experience.

With a mixture of male and female teachers from diverse backgrounds, ֭Ƶ staff ensure each boy is connected, motivated and carries a strong sense of their authentic self.


Boys need choice

Not every boy is the same. 

At ֭Ƶ, we find opportunities for boys to take risks and try new things.

We inspire each student to develop their own interests and experience success.

Whether it’s technology, choir, painting, football, camping, drama, community service, dance, chapel server or sailing – all pursuits are equally valued.

We encourage our boys to give everything a go. 

Boys need to know the rules of the game

What is expected of them. What happens if they don’t meet those expectations.

Setting boundaries and ensuring our students work and play within these boundaries safeguards our thriving, healthy and successful school community.

Developing respectful relationships with girls is an essential part of becoming a successful man. 

From ELC to Year 12, there are numerous formal, academic, social and cultural opportunities to interact with girls from our neighbouring sister school Firbank Grammar.